Day 1: Money Patterns with Melissa Ternes 

Money touches every area of your life, so it’s important to identify what’s blocking your profits. Cleaning up your relationship with money has a domino effect, it improves all aspects of your life.

Melissa Ternes is a Wealth and Money Coach, speaker, author and CEO of Master Your Money Now. She has discovered the keys to unblocking your profits through extensive training and her own financial journey as a business owner.

Her clients grow their businesses, increase profits and expand wealth through Melissa’s unique approach, blending the science of behavior, emotions, understanding their own personal history with money and practical strategies.

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Meet Your Host, Jill Heiman

Jill Heiman is the Founder and CEO of Awake Journey, LLC a company dedicated to offering a safe space for individuals to unravel limiting beliefs, release self-criticism, and step into their authentic leadership. She is a Mindset Mentor and Vision Coach that supports corporate women to find clarity and connect to their vision so it becomes their new reality. Jill has nearly two decades of experience in Corporate America sales for Fortune 500 and start-up organizations, a Bachelor’s degree in Communications, and is a former collegiate athlete. She is also a Speaker, Master Facilitator, Certified Life Mastery DreamBuilder Coach, Meditation Teacher, Reiki Practitioner, Intuitive Energy Guide, and Well-Being Advocate.


Jill has honed in on how you can create the life your soul is longing for you to live beyond any systematic, cultural, or familial programming. Whether in a workshop, retreat, or private coaching session, you will receive a blend of mindset tools and intentional practices that guide you back to your body wisdom. Jill supports clients and audiences through her own experience of overcoming depression, sexual assault, misplaced identity, and years of lacking life-work balance. With her guidance, women come back home to their true selves by remembering who they are and why they are here.

You can find Jill connecting with nature barefoot and wandering her home, The Nest with her rescue pup, Rufus. The next time you are in Asheville, NC be sure to attend one of her monthly in-person women’s circles. For more info go to the events page at