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              My Journey

I am Jill Heiman and I am so grateful to have you here.  I support powHERhouse women to create their dreams into reality by flowing from overdrive into purpose driven.  I am a Mindset Mentor, Women’s Circle Facilitator, Certified Reiki II + Intuitive Energy Worker, Meditation Teacher and Transformational Life Coach.  Your time is NOW, let's awaken your Vision!   My superpower is supporting my clients in sculpting their soul’s vision to it’s full abundance!  The focus is on BEing over DOing and operating with a mindful approach through each phase of the creation process.

I created Awake Journey as a safe space for you to unravel layers of mis-beliefs, self-judgements, years of ‘trying’ so hard and placing extreme pressures on your life performance.  Your vulnerability and softness will ignite your purpose through divine awakening of your deepest desires, while embracing self-freedom and authentic being.

I have years of personal and professional chapters in my journey of life that have led me to discover my own awakening.  I have nearly 20 years experience in Corporate America sales within Fortune 500 and start-up Companies.  I also have a Bachelor Degree in Communications, Life Mastery Institute Certified Transformational Life Coach, Reiki II certified, and am a former Division II athlete.  In my coaching practice I weave real life experiences of overcoming depression, healing after sexual assault and my continued practice of releasing control.  I have a deep connection with Mother Nature that I also utilize while in client sessions.

It has been a serious commitment over the years to create a new relationship with myself based in compassion and forgiveness.  I have consciously connected with a variety of healers, coaches, teachers and therapists that have guided me home to my divine awakened spiritual body.  I am so honored to offer this safe path of healing to my clients and audiences around the world. The wave of life is inevitable, but with the proper tools and practices you can create a unified peace of authentic self during your journey.  And I am here to serve as your guide to conscious awakening of true self.