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My Journey

My Journey

I AM a fierce soul. 
I AM purposeful.
I AM a beautiful fire.  

Hi beautiful!  I am Jill Heiman and I am so grateful to have you here.  I am a Speaker, Life Mastery Institute Certified Life Coach, Visionary, and founder of Awake Journey, LLC.  I empower purpose hungry women to experience ultimate freedom with an authentic, divine homecoming of self through overcoming false identity, confused power and masculine driven decision making.

I created Awake Journey as a safe space for you to unravel layers of mis-belief, self-judgements, years of ‘trying’ so hard and placing extreme pressures on your life performance.  Your vulnerability and softness will ignite your purpose through divine awakening of your deepest desires, while embracing self-freedom and authentic being.

I have years of personal and professional chapters in my journey of life that have led me to discover my own awakening.   A wake up call out of the unconscious shallow end of the pool and into a vast ocean of awareness.  This wake up call started with several life ‘alarms.’ One of which was my first depression spiral at 19 years old. I was a collegiate basketball athlete and I followed my intuition to quit that team.  The identity of ‘athlete’ was no longer mine and I instantly lost all power I had tied up in this false label of self. Who was I if I wasn’t an athlete? There was no one who asked, “What would you love to do with your life after graduation?”  All I ever knew I would be and decided at a young age was that I was an Athlete. This was a masked depression, hidden in the dark of my apartment, unknown to any external person. My lost, younger self craved connection and validation and I turned to food, workouts, and sex to try and fill that void.  I found myself in a curious, soul-shattering and power stripping situation that left me sexually traumatized. I use this experience to offer healing for others through my keynote talk, Curiosity, Communication and Sex. 

There was a clear pattern that played throughout my twenties - clasping tightly onto exterior ‘things’ as my identity and power.  I made four cross country moves, searching for peace in a new city, still ignoring the massive internal self-healing my soul needed.  The life-alarm rang loud once more at 28-years-old when I was faced with another major depression cloud. My fiance called off our wedding.  The story in my head was shoulding all over this chapter. I ‘should’ be married, I ‘should’ have kids, I ‘should’ own a home. This chapter was dark and I medicated with alcohol and online dating.  Still in desperation mode for love and compassion, I continued to seek fulfillment through relationships, sex, food, alcohol and new cities. Than God/Universe sent an angel in human form that took a stand for me, believed in me and with so much love, gently guided me towards my first counselor.  I finally said YES to my healing and investing in self.

It’s been a serious commitment over the years to create a new relationship with myself based in compassion and forgiveness.  I have consciously connected with a variety of healers, coaches, teachers and counselors that have guided me home to my divine awakened spiritual body.  I am so honored to offer this safe path of healing to my clients and audiences around the world. The wave of life is inevitable, but with the proper tools and practices you can create a unified peace of authentic self during your journey.  And I am here to serve as your guide to conscious awakening of true self.