*Signature Workshop*


How to Find Clarity and Connect To Your Soul’s Longing So That You Can Live on Purpose Everyday


Find Balance to Build Your Vision & Dismantle the Self-Org Chart to Live Authentically You


What Is It & How to Optimize This Process in Support of Your Vision


Why Fear is a Gift and How to Work With it to Achieve Big Goals

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Inclusive, Interactive, Intentional and Intuitive. 

Jill offers practical tools and knowledge gained from real life experience.  Your group will be engaged and challenged with new perspectives.  Jill showcases the power of Vision and the steps to create the life of your dreams.  She teaches from authentic experience, always expressing from a "What is Possible" space.  Cutting through the fog and creating an everlasting awareness for her audience and clients.


Jill believes to her core that her healing is your healing and that collective healing is power. That power is the key to breaking generational patterns and creating conscious, heart-forward and purposeful ways of walking through this life.

To book Jill, please click the button below and send a note stating what your needs may be.  We will be in touch soon!

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Authenticity and the desire to invoke your highest purpose in this life is what you will experience while working with Jill.  Life is full of waves and we are not meant to journey solo.  If you feel a deep desire burning inside to transform your current narrative - take heed to that calling.  Jill serves you with unique tools, visualizations and guidance needed to support your soul's longing.

With Jill as your partner in creation, you will experience a heightened level of awareness, balanced identity, abundant self freedom and a new way of being.  She utilizes personal healing, life experiences, intuitive wisdom and spiritual practices to offer you the new reality your soul craves.  Jill is a former collegiate athlete, has nearly 20 years experience in Corporate America, a Bachelor Degree in Communications, Brave Thinking Institute certified Life Coach, certified Reiki II guide.

  • Are you ready to break free of misplaced identity?

  • Are you ready for an abundant, purpose driven reality?

  • Are you ready to invest in your personal expansion?

If you find yourself screaming YES, YES, YES -Book your F.R.E.E. Clarity Session below.  




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Create a mindful environment for your organization by offering a series of meditations.  Finding stillness will become a habit with practice.  This will offer enhanced performance and well-being for your team.

Jill is a master facilitator in meditation and intuitive guided visualization.  She is a 6th generation Reiki II certified guide, which offers a cutting edge approach to mindful performance through removing energetic blockages. 


Jill will uncover key pain points that get to be resolved through the power of presence.


  • Do you wish to optimize mindfulness within your department or executive leadership team?

  • Are you experiencing burnout from grind culture?

  • Is it difficult to 'turn off' your mind?

  • Is your team tired and lacking motivation?

If you are ready to truly put your people first, schedule a discovery call with Jill below.