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"To look into a mirror; And to be a mirror; I find myself again."


Hi! I am Jill Heiman,

Founder of Awake Journey


My Journey

Being alive right now is a magical, playful dance, if you’re here and we cross paths I know you hear the music, too. One thing you should know about me from the beginning is this: I am committed. I aspire to be the truest, authentic representation of myself, always in all the ways. Over the past three years I have been in deep initiation with nature. These experiences have helped me to expand the ways I support my clients. I am serving others now in ways unlike ever before and I needed to unlearn a lot to fully embody this authenticity. As lonely as parts of the journey have been, I know I am not the only one doing this courageous soul work.

Knowing who I am and what I’m here to teach, heal and speak life into comes more naturally than ever… but it definitely hasn't always been so clear. My journey here has been rocky and I tell you what, every bump has shown me more of who I am, what I desire, and has called me forward into deeper self-love and surrender. Learning how to listen and understand the voice of my heart has been an epic journey. Like any warrioress on the journey, I faced loss, fell into darkness, and questioned everything. I’ve overcome sexual assault and climbed out of an over decade long depression haze.

I’ll be honest, the roads to where I am now were definitely not linear, nor did the adventurer in me want a straight path. Everything, every lesson has felt like a deeper connection to my soul self; the spiritual way I have lived in many lifetimes. Showing me what is mine to be and do. Pain has a way of doing that when we listen and take time to see what it’s truly holding for us, as there is gold in every dark corner. 

How I got here is so unbelievable it has to be divinely guided. I’ve learned how to sit in the unknown and still move forward with no clear end of HOW in sight. Learning this has led me to teach it, with ambitious women from many walks of life seeking me to guide them back to their inner knowing so they can navigate the uncertainty of this modern world.

Moving out of complacency connected me with creativity, through challenge and hardship I found a deep spiritual connection in myself and many divine mentor connections. Expanding my energetic capacity and activating the wild woman in me, both naked in the woods and dressed to the nines in a corporate setting, has been quite the journey. One thing I know for certain… I am not here just to be okay. I am here to live alive and I want every woman to experience this aliveness, too!

I hold a fierce commitment to creating a safe space for powerhouse women, like you to unravel and rise. I am an advocate for your voice and choice and your expression and acceptance within your own sacred remembrance of self. Anchored in vision and values, what I know for sure is this: Leaning into and trusting your intuition and the clear guidance of God/Universe will guide you closer to your dream. When you take action from an integral and intentional space, you are always in co-creation.  When you choose to live life listening to the music of your heart, it will be a playful, adventure where you leave your mark and legacy for the empowerment of all humanity!

A few other pieces…

I am a certified ISHTARA teacher, Reiki II Practitioner, Best-Selling Author, Master Facilitator, Meditation Teacher, and Certified Dreambuilder Life Coach with a Bachelor's Degree in Communications. I am in continued devotion to deepening my Shamanic healing services and practices. I also have nearly two decades experience in corporate marketing and sales and currently reside among the mountains outside of Asheville, NC at my retreat sanctuary, The Nest.


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