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I am Jill Heiman and I am so grateful to have you here.  I support powHERhouse women to create their dreams into reality by flowing from overdrive into purpose-driven.  I am a Vision Coach, Mindset Mentor, Speaker, Women’s Circle Facilitator, Certified Reiki II Energy Worker, Meditation Teacher and Transformational Life Coach.  I have spent nearly 20 years in Corporate America and have honed in on HOW you can design a fulfilling life by living in your, what I call, a Circle Self way of being. Your time is NOW, let's awaken your Vision!




private coaching

Authenticity and the desire to invoke your highest purpose in this life is what you will experience while working with Jill. Life is full of waves and we are not meant to journey solo.

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workshops + speaking
Inclusive,  interactive,  intentional  and intuitive. 
Jill speaks from authentic experience, creating an everlasting new awareness for the audience.


Create a mindful environment for your organization by offering a series of meditations.  Finding stillness will become a habit with practice.
This offers enhanced performance.


“If you haven't started your journey with Jill, do it now! She helped me in so many areas of my life including my vision of what I wanted. I am so blessed to have gone through a 6 month program that helped me grow body confidence, a new business, and remove the negativity surrounding any part of my life. I used to body shame myself until Jill helped me love the body I am in.
I never would have thought I would be the business owner I am today without Jill. She helped me envision what I have in my blessed life, and also helped what is to come. Learning to visually and mentally manifest my life the way I wanted was in my opinion "only a dream". I was able to remove the negativity surrounding me and get those feelings and people out of my life that didn't align with the life I wanted.”

-Heather F.

“Working with Jill was a dream! Jill made sure that I was comfortable every step of the way. Jill always had my best interest in mind in all the work we did together. During and after each session with Jill, I felt so held, understood, safe, and valued. The breakthroughs I experienced truly opened new pathways, allowing me to step into all the goodness that life has to offer me. I have never felt stronger, braver, and more like myself. I am forever grateful to know Jill and experience all that she has taught me.”

-Lizz Malan

“Jill was an amazing speaker at our monthly vegan dinner and look forward to having her back again real soon! Her knowledge and passion in the wellness field is infectious. Thank you, Jill, we appreciate you.”

-Diane Loyd, Owner, Cafe Cure

“When I was ready to begin working through a really big career transition and create something totally new, I reached out to Jill for a Visioning session. I loved working with Jill because our session was a blend of esoteric and practical next steps. She helped me to think about what I really wanted for my next chapter, envision it in a very concrete way, and to ground it into reality. I left the session feeling excited, grounded and ready to take my next steps. I loved our session together and would recommend it to anyone looking for something similar!” 

-Morgan H.

"Jill has a way of bringing women together in a profound and powerful way. Her workshops offer a space for creativity, connection, inspiration, and embodiment.  She has a magnetic personality and personifies what it means to embrace a strong, feminine presence.  I am in awe of what she is doing to support corporate women in claiming their voice and caring for their spirit."

-Ali Johnson, CEO