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My Journey


"My Healing is Your Healing, Your Healing is My Healing, Our Healing is Power!" ~Jill

Knowing who I am and what I’m here to teach, heal and speak life into comes more naturally than ever… but it definitely hasn't always been so clear. I’ll be honest, the roads to where I am now were definitely not linear, nor did the adventurer in me want a straight path. Like any warrioress on the journey, I faced loss, fell into darkness, and questioned everything. I’ve overcome sexual assault and climbed out of an over decade long gray depression haze.

Everything, every lesson has felt like a deeper connection to my soul self; the spiritual way I have lived in many lifetimes. Showing me what is mine to be and do. Pain has a way of doing that when we listen and take time to see what it’s truly holding for us, as there is gold in every dark corner.

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Ways We Can Work Together 

Private 1x1 Coaching

Schedule a complimentary Clarity Session with Jill today and discover what's holding you back and learn how you can start creating your dream today.

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Circle Self

6-Month Journey Home: Awaken Your Power and Become Your Wildest Dreams *group enrollment closed*

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Become free from repeating patterns in your emotions and your relationships by coming back into your body.

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The Circle 

Sisterhood, transformation and fun await you inside this in person women's gathering. Click below to save your spot for the next gathering.

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Self-Guided Journeys

Morning Mindset: A FREE 28 Day Activation

Experience a profound shift in your daily life with the FREE 28-day Morning Mindset activation. This journey is designed to empower you with a renewed sense of purpose and an uplifted mindset, setting the tone for every day. With a blend of audios and practical exercises, I aim to help you unlock your full potential and embrace personal growth. Each day, you'll be presented with new tools to boost your energy, mindset, and resilience.

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Paradigm Shift: MindBody Course

During this self-paced course you will release your limits to amplify your highest potential. With each module you will experience a renewed connection to your mind, body, and spirit self. You will dive into your personal Creation Process and discover what's fogging your clarity. You will also gain an understanding of the 2 Time Delays that might be holding your big dream captive! It is time to shift your paradigm and challenge everything with curiosity!

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If you haven't started your journey with Jill, do it now! Learning to visually and mentally manifest my life the way I wanted was in my opinion "only a dream". She helped me in so many areas of my life including my vision of what I wanted. I am so blessed to have gone through a 6-month program that helped me grow body confidence, a new business, and remove the negativity surrounding any part of my life.

Heather F.

Ali Johnson, CEO

Jill has a way of bringing women together in a profound and powerful way. Her workshops offer a space for creativity, connection, inspiration, and embodiment. 

Working with Jill was a dream! The breakthroughs I experienced truly opened new pathways, allowing me to step into all the goodness that life has to offer me. I have never felt stronger, braver, and more like myself.

Lizz Malan

Morgan H.

I loved my ISHTARA experience! I can’t emphasize enough how gifted and intuitive Jill is as a teacher- she created a truly safe space where we could be open, vulnerable and honest about what we were working through. The ISHTARA practices are deeply healing and accessible- they helped me cultivate more love for myself and a deeper understanding of my body. Thank you so much Jill for this life changing course. 

Jill has a natural gift of creating a safe group space as well as interpreting what our bodies are conveying through our movement, which is what made this ISHTARA experience so profound for me. 

Vidya R.

The Journey is Always Yummier Together!


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