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Group Enrollment for Circle Self is currently closed. To join the waitlist for the next group, please put your info below and we will be in touch soon!

Tired of Watching Your Life Pass You By?

You can plan and make very sound logical decisions till the cows come home. But, is all the planning holding your energy in a procrastination purgatory from moving forward with the greatness you wish to experience in your lifetime? 

The constant doing feels like a never-ending cycle leaving your energy unbalanced. You may even feel paralyzed by self-induced perfection and stuck in analysis paralysis.

Yet, behind closed doors, you truly wish to break out of the box and live an adventure with your intuitive self! Lead your life from your all-knowing heart and trust your beautiful brain to support the details afterward. A heart-first, intuitive, divinely orchestrated life is the one your soul yearns for you to step into. How would it feel to take your idea, trust your intuition and follow the path that unfolds, versus, planning it all out and trying to control every move?

Does any of this self-talk sound familiar…

“In 8 years I will be able to retire and my 401K will be maxed then I’ll be able to create art and finally sell it.”

“It’s not the right time to use my paid time off, I’ll wait until things slow down then I can relax and go on the trip to Greece I’ve been planning for years.” 

“Maybe in 5 years I will save up enough money to leave this job, and then I’ll be able to launch my business.”

“When my kids get to college in 10 years and are out on their own then I’ll feel comfortable to move to the beach house I so want to live in.”

The time has run out to stay complacent in waiting for your dream to happen, or pushing in doing, doing, doing to try and force it into existence. 

Don’t you want to really know yourself and your conditioned behavior? 

Don't you want to feel like you can desire something and know you can actually make it come true?

It's Time To Awaken Your Power And Become Your Wildest Dreams!

With private group coaching and sacred sisterhood, you've found a safe place to dig deep and reclaim your fully expressed and authentic self.




You have an inner knowing that you are here to make a difference while creating great success. This success is woven into your being. Full activation of your greatness is recognized when every single piece of you is claimed, forgiven, and held in love. This is the embodiment of your Circle Self. Every piece of you is seen, heard, safe, and supported.

In 6 months you will amplify your energetic capacity, disrupt limiting patterns, and experience an ecstatic homecoming to You: Your Vessel + Your Vision. With intuitive and strategic guidance you will unravel the harmful self-talk and release stagnant emotional energy weighing you down. Within this container, learn to harness your own energy frequency creating a sacred boundary holding your discerned decisions.

Together, we will evoke the realm of possibility for your SOUL self to expand and meet the vibration of your secret desires. Momentum will be yours in this surrendered space of aligned action to bridge your dream into reality now!

Circle Self You will leave a heart stamp legacy with all you build in your life and give permission for generations to come for what is truly possible when living in an integral, expressed, and empowered place of self.


Months 1 + 2

We will excavate wounding from the root while evoking your heart’s desires and flow into self-seeing practice. The intention for this time together is to love your Vessel.


Months 3 + 4

We will design your dream by tapping into the 5 Living Spheres and create in expansion to build a life of your wildest imagination! The intention for this time together is to play with your Vision.


Months 5 + 6

We will raise your frequency and you will gain momentum by accessing an aligned HeartMind strategy to guide your dream into reality. The intention for this time together is to amplify your Vibration.


Authentic You. Love the real and raw unique essence you gift the world. The deepest self-love is curated for each piece that makes you, You. Unapologetic authenticity oozes from your cells and you are the magnet for your desires. You are enough.


Your Truth. Honor your voice and harness the power in your YES and your NO. Speak your Sacred Boundaries. Be a stand for your family, community, and self. Self-Advocacy is your birthright. You are worthy.


Your Vision. You are the creator of your life. Live in alignment with your mind, body, and spirit self. Your living experience is birthed from the Sacred Union of your flow and action. Your reality is your dreams. You are on purpose.


A shake-up to what you have known in order to remember who you are is available for you here.

Women are gathering to unravel and rise into their embodied CIRCLE SELF.

Life isn’t meant to be about fulfilling a quota it’s about creating infinite possibilities. Are you ready to break free of the limiting beliefs box and step into the adventure of your life?

Dive deep and uncover the emotional, mental, and energetic makings of you. Learn to mold your unique energy to create anything you desire at warp speed! In 6 months you will amplify your inner trust and shatter any walls holding you back. Circle Self is a safe haven for your whole, fully-expressed self to come alive! Intimacy and space for vulnerable breakthroughs await you among this tribe of 12 women.

Imagine how honoring your commitment to your true life’s calling could give permission for others to shift their life path…

Imagine what would happen if your daughter or son could see their mother role-modeling what freedom and expression really look like…

Imagine how energized you will feel when you no longer dedicate 8-10 hours a day to a job that doesn’t light you up…

Imagine if your joy actually uplifted the well-being of your family and friends…

You will be surrounded by ambitious women, who like you, are planners, get sh*t done, and have already accomplished certain milestones in their life, yet they also know that there’s something more and they are ready to go get it!! Being in this powerful container will activate your whole being to rise to your next level of self-empowerment. You will have the energetic capacity to finally have it all while being filled to the brim with joy, pleasure, and play!

This adventurous activated life is waiting for you to grab hold of and claim with your YES.

Your heart is speaking YES, yet if you desire a call to discover if Circle Self is a HELL YES fit for you, schedule a call HERE.


Shamanista priestess who remembered her healing powers and is allowing them to serve others now in ways unlike ever before. Being alive right now is a magical, playful dance, if you’re here and we cross paths I know you hear the music, too. One thing you should know about me from the beginning is this: I am committed. I aspire to be the truest, authentic representation of myself, always in all the ways. I needed to unlearn a lot to remember this authenticity… and as lonely as parts of the journey have been, I know I am not the only one doing this courageous soul work.

Knowing who I am and what I’m here to teach, heal and speak life into comes more naturally than ever… but it definitely hasn't always been so clear. My journey here has been rocky and I tell you what, every bump has shown me more of who I am, what I desire, and has called me forward into deeper self-love and surrender. Learning how to listen and understand the voice of my heart has been an epic journey. Like any warrioress on the journey, I faced loss, fell into darkness, and questioned everything. The roads to where I am now were definitely not linear, nor did the adventurer in me want a straight path. Everything, every lesson has felt like a deeper connection to my soul self; the spiritual way I have lived in many lifetimes. Showing me what is mine to be and do. Pain has a way of doing that when we listen and take time to see what it’s truly holding for us, as there is gold in every dark corner. 

How I got here is so unbelievable it has to be divinely guided. I’ve learned how to sit in the unknown and still move forward with no clear end of HOW in sight. Learning this has led me to teach it, with ambitious women from many walks of life seeking me to guide them back to their inner knowing so they can navigate the uncertainty of this modern world.

Moving out of complacency connected me with creativity, through challenge and hardship I found a deep spiritual connection in myself and many divine mentor connections. Expanding my energetic capacity and activating the wild woman in me, both naked in the woods and dressed to the nines in a corporate setting, has been quite the adventure. One thing I know for certain… I am not here just to be okay. I am here to come alive. I want every woman to experience this aliveness, too!

I hold a fierce commitment to creating a safe space for powerhouse women, like you to unravel and rise. I am an advocate for your voice and choice and your expression and acceptance within your own sacred remembrance of self. Anchored in vision and values, what I know for sure is this: If you trust your intuition and the clear guidance of God/Universe you are safe. When you take action from an integral and intentional space, you are always in co-creation.  When you choose to live life listening to the music of your heart, it will be a playful, adventure where you leave your mark and legacy for the empowerment of all humanity!

"If you haven't started your journey with Jill, do it now! Learning to visually and mentally manifest my life the way I wanted was in my opinion "only a dream". She helped me in so many areas of my life including my vision of what I wanted. I used to body shame myself until Jill helped me love the body I am in. I am so blessed to have gone through a 6-month program that helped me grow body confidence, a new business, and remove the negativity surrounding any part of my life."

Heather F.

"Working with Jill was a dream! Jill always had my best interest in mind in all the work we did together. During and after each session with Jill, I felt so held, understood, safe, and valued. The breakthroughs I experienced truly opened new pathways, allowing me to step into all the goodness that life has to offer me. I have never felt stronger, braver, and more like myself. I am forever grateful to know Jill and experience all that she has taught me.

Lizz Malan


Circle Self is a way of BEing in sacred union with the DOing. If you have the doing action game mastered and are willing to release the tight grip control wheel then YES this group journey is for you.

People pleasing has never been in style. If you are ready to initiate success on your terms, claim your unique sacred boundaries, and once and for all trust your intuition with every decision then YES these 6 months will change your life.

Your ideas and desires are directly linked to your soul's purpose in this human body. You also know your dreams extend far beyond your singular universe. You know you are meant to touch thousands of lives, be in service leadership, and show up for others like you wish someone would have for you. If you are ready to anchor into your why and create for the greater good then YES this is the sacred sisterhood that will support you.

A wolf strays from the pack when she is ill or near death. If you have been haunted by isolation, feeling like no one is like you or gets you, or believing you are the oddball - we get you, because we have felt all of that, too. Welcome into your new wolf pack of powHERhouse sisters ready to hold you high in your unique gifts! 

Life is the infinite teacher and you are the student. If you yearn to learn while experiencing personal and spiritual expansion then YES our two private group calls each month will quantum shift your living.

“My healing is Your healing, Your healing is My healing, and Our healing is power." If you are ready to feel safe voicing your soul desires, empower yourself to express freely, and in this work know you expand human consciousness and heal generations to come then YES Circle Self will guide your darkness to light.

If you are hearing your heart whisper YES and desire a call to discover if Circle Self is a HELL YES fit for you, schedule a call HERE.


Circle Self 6-month sisterhood opens on May 1. Find the right plan for you.



6 monthly payments

  • 2, 1-hour Live Group Coaching Calls per month
  • Access to Guided Meditation Library ($111 Value)
  • Extra Coaching Support with access to 30+ hours of mind, body & spiritual teachings ($12,222 Value)
  • Private Facebook Group Sisterhood
  • 1, In-Person Retreat ($2,222 Value)

1/2 PAY


by April 30 and 6 monthly payments of $350 begin on May 15

  • 2, 1-hour Live Group Coaching Calls per month
  • Access to Guided Meditation Library ($111 Value)
  • Extra Coaching Support with access to 30+ hours of mind, body & spiritual teachings ($12,222 Value)
  • Private Facebook Group Sisterhood
  • 1, In-Person Retreat ($2,222 Value)



by April 30 - $200 Savings

  • 2, 1-hour Live Group Coaching Calls per month
  • Access to Guided Meditation Library ($111 Value)
  • Extra Coaching Support with access to 30+ hours of mind, body & spiritual teachings ($12,222 Value)
  • Private Facebook Group Sisterhood
  • 1, In-Person Retreat ($2,222 Value)


Receive 1x1 mentorship during your Circle Self 6-Month Journey experience with ELITE Access.  ELITE includes everything in Circle Self group plus:

  • 2, private 30-minute sessions per month
  • Voxer App access M-F for real time help
  • 1, 90-minute Vision Quest Experience ($497 Value).

Space is limited to 6 Women and accepted via application only.

Schedule Call HERE to discover if ELITE is a fit for you.