Morning Mindset



Are you ready to awaken your inner knowing and conquer each day with unshakable confidence?

Imagine greeting the sunrise with an invigorated spirit, fueled by a revitalized mindset that propels you towards your dream. Morning Mindset is your golden opportunity to reset, recharge, and redefine your relationship with your self talk.



Revitalize Your Thoughts with 28 Powerful Days of Mindset Shifts & Practices delivered Straight to Your Inbox Every Morning!


Unveil the True Essence of Your Existence

Dive deep into self discovery, take inventory of your life to identify what truly fuels your growth and discard what hinders your progress.


Awaken the Power Within You to Ignite Action

Discover effective tactics that will empower you to take bold, devoted steps towards the life of your wildest dreams driven by purpose and alignment.


Shatter Comfort and Unleash Your Evolution

Break the chains that bind you to perfectionism and rigid living. Rise above the familiar thought patterns that show up when you are in a period of growth. 


Sustain Your Vision to Fuel Your Expansion

Unlock the key to maintaining continuous growth that will empower you to focus on yourself while staying connected to your vision.

How this transformation unfolds is that you will receive a total of 20 Mindset Practices and Reflections (over 28 days) offering you a chance to RESET & RENEW your energy!  The layout is that for 5 days in a row you will receive a mindset tool right in your inbox each morning. There will also be a reflection question inside every practice. These are 6-11 minute audios that you can absorb how you wish during your waking hours. You will then have 2 days to integrate all you have received over the previous 5 days. In my own journey, I have found the digestion period of information to be the most potent! 



I'm Jill Heiman

Jill Heiman is the Founder and CEO of Awake Journey, LLC a community dedicated to offering a safe space to unravel limiting beliefs and step into your authentic leadership.

She is a Dream Life Embodiment Guide supporting powHERhouse women, like you, flow from overdrive into purpose driven. Learning how to listen and understand the voice of her heart has been an epic ride. Like any warrioress on the journey, she has faced loss, fell into darkness, and questioned everything. Jill has overcome sexual assault and climbed out of an over decade long depression haze. She combines these personal experiences and spiritual learnings with her nearly 20 years of experience in corporate sales to help you navigate a heart-aligned life.

She is also a Best-Selling Author, Master Facilitator, ISHTARA Teacher (Nervous System Rewiring Method) and Certified Dreambuilder Life Coach with a Bachelor's Degree in Communications that currently resides among the mountains outside of Asheville, NC at her retreat sanctuary, The Nest.

"Bring it! Yesterday was AMAZING! Feeling light and ready to take on the world today.


"Day 1 was INCREDIBLE, I felt such a powerful surge inside of myself that I laughed and cried like a baby!"


"That was amazing Jill, very powerful shifts."


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