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Welcome inside this Sacred Portal to awaken your freedom and access permission to express all of you! 

Gain practical tips to integrate your spiritual, professional, and personal worlds through our weekly raw conversations. We share real experiences from our different life paths supporting your unique and wild journey.


In a world where we are expected to always be on, here we get to slow down, silence the noise and come home to ourselves.

Consider this your weekly pause to check in with yourself and:

  • Connect with who you are at your core
  • Create new ways of BEing that elevate you and your experiences
  • Be true in your authentic expression
  • Feel a sense of community - we got you!


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Episode 1: Meet your hosts, Stacè and Jill


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Episode 2: Dive into the conversation of balancing structured flexibility with our wild selves

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Episode 3: An exploration intothe wisdom that lives within us

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Episode 4: Stacè and Jill navigate the corporate labyrinth, shedding light on the pressure to conform 

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Episode 5: How to navigate self trust amidst life's chaos

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Episode 6: Unraveling the all-encompassing, raw and transformative journey to healing

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Meet the Creators of STiLL

Stacè Middlebrooks

Intuitive Power Activation Guide

Guiding high-achieving women to their divine feminine power and life purpose is one of Stacè’s passions and part of her life’s purpose. She is the practical priestess who blends her gifts and decades of corporate experience to create an alchemy of wisdom, fun, and safety in her down-to-earth approach to each episode.

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Jill Heiman

Dream Life Embodiment  Guide

Helping powHERhouse women embody and create their dream life by flowing from overdrive into purpose-driven. She guides from lived experience with fierce love, intuitive strategy and cultivated wisdom as a corporate marketing and sales veteran. Count on her to share her whole heart with a mix of vulnerable truth and grounded courage in each episode.

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I love this! Jill and Stacè exude energy right through the screen. I can only imagine what it would be like to be with the two of you in person!


Susan C.


Beyond over the moon to see two of my most favorite Priestesses sharing their gifts and their talents TOGETHER! This for me is the new paradigm... inclusive communities, collaborative messengers, bridge-building sisterhoods!


Veronica Rivera Savage


So excited about this podcast, and future episodes, with all the goodness, insight, sisterhood, and learning!


Kierra S.

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